Universities in Manizales, Colombia

Known as the City of Open Doors, Manizales is an important educational hub and main production centre of Columbian coffee. The city is Colombia’s number one university town with a large international student population. 

Along with high-quality education and modern teaching style, Universities in Manizales also offer numerous facilities to their students, including scientific and research laboratories, fully-equipped libraries, sports grounds, student dormitories, stationery shops, internet cafes, clubs, and more. 

Why Choose Universities in Manizales for Higher Education Studies?

If you want a rewarding studying experience, you cannot overlook Universities in Manizales, Colombia. Manizales’ universities provide degrees in various study programs and specializations. These universities believe in developing entrepreneurial skills, a bold mindset, and active research and development.  

One of the most notable universities in Columbia, the University of Caldas, is a popular research institution that got the 551st spot in the Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021. With its graduates high-in-demand among employers, the university hosts more than 15,500 students every year. It was also ranked 201 by the QS University Rankings: Latin America 2020.

The Autonomous University of Manizales is an innovative university with a long history. The institution was placed at the 251st spot by the 2020 QS University Rankings: Latin America. Ranked 351 and 55 by the QS University Rankings: Latin America and World University Ranking 2020 – Latin America respectively, the University of Manizales is a good higher education institution. 

Eligibility Criteria

Those students who have a min IB of 27 have a high chance of getting accepted by the University of Manizales. To get a bachelor’s degree at the university, you must provide the documents such as an application form, official transcript, application fee, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, average GPA, Saber 11 test, and English Proficiency test score. 

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