Universities in Marseille, France

If you are looking to study abroad to pursue higher studies, you can opt for Marseille, France. It is one of the most popular and best study destinations. The country offers its students (domestic or international) the best environment to pursue their studies. The country offers students a fantastic education quality and great career opportunities.

Why Opt for Universities in Marseille, France for Higher Studies?

The higher education system in France is one of the best education systems in the world. The French education system is more economical for international students who migrate here for higher studies. The universities here offer students an education that can easily compete with the other countries. 

There are many excellent universities in Marseille. Claude Bernard University is a university that specialises in science and technology, medical and sports science fields. The university ranks 16th in France and 329th worldwide. 

The University of Orleans is one of the cheapest in France for international students. The University of Burgundy is the best college for PhD and masters degrees. There are more cheap colleges that help students to gather the best knowledge at an affordable price. 

The universities in Marseille, France, offer many courses. Some of the most popular courses are MBA, IIT, Arts & Designs, humanities, engineering, social sciences, law, economics, management, medicine, pharmacology, technology, and many more. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students are required to fulfil different criteria for their admission depending on the course they choose. The most commonly needed documents are an attested copy of all academic certificates from the secondary school level and a statement of purpose. They have to provide English language proficiency like IELTS, TOEFL etc. Some of the test results, like GMAT, GRE etc., are needed to apply in some universities. 

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