Universities in Medellin, Colombia

One of the fastest-growing big economies in Latin America, Colombia has also earned a name in higher education through the years. Every year thousands of students flock to cities of Colombia to pursue their academic calling. Its picturesque views, high-quality education, vibrant campus life, diverse culture, affordable living and booming economy present the students with a perfect study destination. 

The country’s second-largest city is Medellin, located in the western part of the country. It is home to the oldest university in the country and has a rich tradition of imparting education to the masses. It is an emerging centre for science and technology with a greater emphasis on research-oriented knowledge creation and dissemination.

What makes Medellin a Center of Higher Education?

Medellin is home to numerous public and private universities. The most prominent among them include the National University of Colombia, the University of Antioquia, EAFIT, etc. The University of Antioquia, established in 1803, has approximately 31,000 students enrolled in various graduate and postgraduate courses. It is recognised as one of the three best Colombian research universities. According to the National Board of Science and Technology, it has the highest percentage of research excellence groups in Colombia. 

The students in Medellin can choose from a broad spectrum of courses ranging from medicine to law, engineering to philosophy, and language to AI. 

Eligibility Criteria

After finding the right programs, all the students wishing to study in Medellin need to apply through the online mechanism of universities. The public documents required for admission include academic transcripts of previous years, signed application form, letter of recommendation from different academic persons, health report and passport. 

Most of the courses in Medellin are offered In Spanish. The international students need to prove their Spanish proficiency by obtaining a DELE Diploma B2 level. For the courses offered in English, the students need to demonstrate their English Language proficiency through their scores in IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

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