Universities in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, located at the heart of Argentina, is perfect for higher education with fantastic city life and affordable living. Every year aspirants from the USA, Europe, and Asia come to Mendoza to enrol in either private or public universities. With an extensive educational base and developed infrastructure, the universities in Mendoza host more than 5000 international students and provide career guidance after the course completion.

Why Study in Mendoza?

Mendoza is currently 74th in the world education rankings. With the second-largest student population, the city has seven world-renowned universities that offer 128 education programs in various fields. 

The University of Mendoza (UM) is the top-ranked university in Mendoza that offers 8 Bachelor’s programs and 6 Master’s programs in Architecture, Design, Economics, Health, International Relations, Law & Jurisprudence, Medicine, and Sociology. Here, international students can study French, Italian, Portuguese, and German languages while pursuing another degree program.

The Nuclear Medicine School Foundation University offers a specialised bachelor’s degree program in Medicine. Here the aspirants attend advanced training and participate in scientific research works. Another top-ranked university in Mendoza is the National University of Cuyo. This university offers 11 bachelor’s programs, 12 Master’s programs, and 9 PhD programs alongside practical training classes. The main study domains include Agriculture, Arts, Dentistry, Economics, Education, Engineering, and Law & Jurisprudence.

Other reputed universities in Mendoza include the University Juan Agustin Maza and the University of Aconcagua. These universities offer internships and volunteer training programs to interested students during their education abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

When applying for a degree program at the University of Mendoza, the aspirant should prepare all required documents, including academic records, IELTS Certificate, passport, contact details, proof of fee payment, letter of recommendation, resume, local language certificate, health and life insurance, and student visa.

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