Universities in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, the high-altitude capital of Mexico, boasts an impressive selection of top-ranking universities, most of which feature in the QS World University Rankings. Students choosing to study in Mexico City have to pay relatively low tuition fees alongside affordable living expenses compared to cities in Europe, North America, and Australia. If you plan to do higher studies in Mexico, consider the world-class higher-education institutions in Mexico City to apply. 

Why Study in Mexico City?

The reputation of Mexico City is only because of its strong education system and economic backbone that bring excellent job opportunities to fresh graduates. 

A few Mexican organisations, such as Asociación Mexicana para la Educación Internacional, licenses all universities across Mexico City to maintain top-quality education facilities. Offering undergraduate degrees (at least four years duration) or postgraduate degrees (at least two years duration), these education institutes openly accepts applications from all over the world.

The leading university in Mexico City is the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Considered one of the top Latin American Universities, UNAM holds 105th rank in the QS World University Rankings. The primary domain to apply for includes Archaeology, Art & Design, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

The National Autonomous University of Mexico comes next, offering full-time bachelor’s and master’s degree courses taught in English. Here, students can learn advanced topics in Agriculture, Arts, Engineering, Medicine, and Natural Sciences. Other top universities in Mexico City include Metropolitan Autonomous University and National Polytechnic Institute.

Eligibility Criteria

International students must contact the Mexican Institute of Immigration for a residency permit. It is mandatory to prove that you have applied to a certain degree program in Mexico City and have financial support to pay tuition fees.

Other than the Migratory Procedure Application, the student must submit digital copies of all documents such as a valid passport, proof of enrollment, a letter from the non-accredited institution, and academic details online.

Most universities in Mexico City do not conduct extra admission tests. Hence, the students are selected based on their previous academic records.

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