Universities in Montevideo, Uruguay

There are no less than six Universities in Montevideo, Uruguay. These universities include: University of the Republic, ORT Uruguay University, Universidad de Montevideo, Catholic University of Uruguay, Autonomous University of the South, and the University of Enterprise.

These universities offer study programs for all levels of academic pursuit. They also accept applications for enrollment into Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctorate study degree programs.  

Why Study in Montevideo?

Universities in Montevideo are ranked amongst the best in the world. The University of the Republic has a high global ranking in Public Health, Agriculture & Forestry, and Biological Sciences study programs.

Students can tap into the scholarship opportunities on offer at Montevideo University. The ORT Uruguay University, for example, offers scholarship funds that students can apply for. 

The scholarship funds cover both the tuition and living costs of students applying for University majors, Short runs, and Postgraduate study programs. ORT Uruguay University offers 20 Bachelor’s degrees spread across courses like Architecture, Engineering, Management and Administration, and Communication and Design.

ORT Uruguay University also offers as many as 30 Diplomas, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in Architecture, Education, Communication and Design, Administration and Social Sciences. 

In addition to study programs, ORT Uruguay University, like many other Universities in Montevideo, offer discounts to students. This discount ranges from 15% to 25% on tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate study programs.  

Students studying in Montevideo would be glad to know that living costs, accommodation, and feeding are quite affordable. Compared to other cities around the world, Montevideo offers students a low cost of living.   

Eligibility Criteria 

Requirements for enrollment in Universities in Montevideo, Uruguay, are more or less the same in all six Montevideo Universities. For entry into a Bachelor’s degree study program, students will be required to complete an online application form, provide their high school diploma plus transcripts, and revalidate their foreign certificates and study titles.

Application for a Masters study program would require applicants to provide proof of a Bachelor’s degree plus transcripts. Each University also has a set of peculiar requirements that students can acquaint themselves with when they visit their respective official website. 

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