Universities in Nagoya, Japan

Aspirants applying to universities in Nagoya have an array of options to choose from. Represented by 920 universities in Japan, the higher education system in Nagoya opens its doors to over 21 universities located in the city. With more than 310 study programs in the offing, Nagoya universities prepare students with a wide range of employment opportunities around the globe. Aspirants can apply from over 164 Bachelor’s programs, 117 Master’s programs and 29 PhD programs.  

Why Should You Apply to Universities in Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya is one of Japan’s leading urban centres. Home to over 2.26 million people, the city attracts tourists for its natural tourist spots and is a great place for student life. A centre of manufacturing, as compared to Osaka and Tokyo, Nagoya has a reasonable cost of living. 

Some of the top-ranking universities in the state include Nagoya University and Aichi University. The former university was established in 1871 and emerged as the last imperial university of Japan in 1939. With all the educational reforms it experienced, the centre of higher education only changed and developed for the better. 

On the other hand, Aichi University was founded in 1946 and is a liberal art university that consists of 7 faculties, several junior colleges and 6 postgraduate departments, and a law school. As a seat of international exchange, the university partners with 42 universities from different regions worldwide. 

Eligibility Criteria

Different universities in Nagoya may have specific requirements depending on the course and level of study applied. However, some of the basic rules that apply across universities are as follows:

  • Academic documents
  • Online application form
  • IELTS Certificate
  • TOEFL Certificate
  • Passport
  • Medical Certificate 
  • Declaration for financial support
  • Research proposal outline (applicable to those pursuing M.A or PhD)

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