Universities in Nanjing, China

China has been a leader in education, enhancing research standards of higher-level education and cultivating strategies for overall socio-economic development. With a population of more than 71.5 lakh, Nanjing ranks 8th in China. 47 universities are offering over 1086 study programs in Nanjing. With 612 Bachelor programs provided by 47 universities, 342 Master programs offered at 29 universities and 132 PhD programs at 14 universities, Nanjing attracts thousands of students worldwide. 

Why do you choose to study in Nanjing? 

Rated as one of the top liveable cities in China, Nanjing is famous for all things amicable to a student’s life. Although a relatively smaller city, it attracts students who wish to pursue higher education in China. Surrounded by many lush green spaces, lakes and parks, Nanjing offers an academic friendly environment. Home to several universities and research institutes, Nanjing opens its doorway to a wide range of job opportunities. 

The Ninjaing University is one of the oldest and most esteemed institutions that combines the best scope for education and research. It is supported by the government and secures a high rank on the list of world-class universities. While there are many universities, another university known for its rich study programs is Southeast University. It welcomes more than 32,000 students and over 2700 faculty and 206 Master’s programs, and 109 PhD programs. You can also apply for postdoctoral research studies at Southeast University. 

Eligibility Criteria 

For applying to a university in Nanjing, you will have to submit a few documents to the university. Most universities require you to submit your proof of English proficiency. Some of the qualifying exams for the same are IELTS and TOEFL. You can check with the university for specific course requirements. The other requirements may vary across universities, although submission of mark sheets and certificates of all previous major examinations and transcripts is mandatory. Also, applicants will require a student visa for the period of study. 

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