Universities in Netherlands

The Netherlands is situated in the northwestern portion of Europe and is great for both domestic and international students. The high quality of education attracts various international students from across the world. Around 25000 students are pursuing higher education in the Netherlands every year.

Why Study in Universities in the Netherlands?

Education in this country is not free; however, the Dutch government has subsidised it making it affordable for the students who are citizens and the international ones. Some universities in this country are the oldest across the world. Many institutions of this country have an excellent global reputation in scientific research. 

Wageningen University is one of the top universities in the country and is a prominent institution for research and development. The academic disciplines vary across engineering, technology, natural sciences, journalism etc.

Another prominent university is the University of Amsterdam, a public institution that is among the best institutions in research. There are three other campuses, with the main campus in Amsterdam. There are seven faculties here that offer degree programs which are more than 200 in number. The diverse disciplines offered here include social science, dentistry, law, medicine, economics etc. Various exchange programs are also carried out with foreign institutions for better exposure and learning.

Eligibility Criteria

You need to have a good command of English and present sufficient proof for the same. You need to take IELTS, GMAT tests for applying to Netherlands universities. You will also require a permit for residence if you are a student from outside the EU. Also, some rules may vary for EU and non-EU students. While some courses also have tests for which students have to check the respective universities while applying.

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