Universities in Nürnberg, Germany

Germany’s significant economic centre and high-tech hub, Nürnberg, is a popular destination among international students. With a well-thought education system and focus on future-oriented research, Universities in Nürnberg are dedicated to excellence in academics. Nürnberg universities offer multiple degree programs in German and English languages.

Universities in Nürnberg: A Great Place To Study

Most chosen study fields are engineering, history, business, medicine, economics, computer science, social sciences, marketing, and history. Internship and post-work experience opportunities are also provided at Universities in Nürnberg.

Nuremberg Institute of Technology is one of the premier universities placed at 79th spot in Germany and 542nd in the world by the World University Ranking 2020 – Europe. The institution believes in hands-on learning and promotes research and development. It was also ranked 4821st by the 2021 Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities.

At number 4 in Nürnberg, the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg is a notable higher education institution with modern campus and unique teaching system. The 2021 Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities put it at 11962nd place. 

Lutheran University of Applied Sciences in Nuernberg is a private institution at 271st place in Germany. It offers a good quality education at low tuition fees. 

Eligibility Criteria

Those who want a German Student Visa to study at Universities in Nürnberg should submit a visa application to the German Embassy of their hometown. A valid passport, processing fee, financial assistance proof, healthcare insurance, evidence of a rental contract, and letter of acceptance from the university are the additional documents needed to be attached with the application. 

To enrol in a master’s degree at the University Of Erlangen Nuremberg, students should provide documents including an online application form, Curriculum Vitae, German language certificates, academic reports, and certificate for university entrance examination from the home country.

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