Universities in Odesa, Ukraine

While being a small country, Ukraine is the hub of one of the biggest and most brilliant international student communities in Europe. The literacy rate amongst the newest generations in Ukraine is 100 per cent.

The country is known for its multifaceted education system. Universities in Odesa are no exceptions. The universities provide a favourable and enabling academic setting for all students. There are 20 universities offering around 376 educational programs in Odesa. Additionally, Ukrainian educational institutions fully comply with the European standards of accommodating local and international students.

Why Study at Universities in Odesa, Ukraine?

Universities in Odesa offer various courses under bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programmes. Some universities also provide online distance courses in certain disciplines. The courses and programmes offered by universities in Odesa are recognised worldwide. Among the most notable disciplines is the medical degree, recognised by renowned international organisations like WHO, UNESCO, USMLE, and PLAB.

The universities in Odesa focus on the practical facets of teaching to make it an enjoyable learning experience. Students also get an excellent opportunity to learn from visiting professors worldwide. A dynamic academic environment is created by encouraging students to participate in seminars, conferences, and other programmes.

Among the universities, Odesa National University, Odesa National Economics University, and National University Odesa Law Academy, Odesa National Polytechnic University are some leading names.

Eligibility Criteria

The admission process in Ukraine begins in March/April every year through “Invitation Letters”. The sessions start on September 1. However, international students get an extended joining date until November 1 to begin their classes.

Once you receive the “Invitation Letter”, you can apply for a student visa. The documents required for the admission process include a valid passport, original school certificates and transcripts, etc.

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