Universities in Palembang, Indonesia

With a population of not less than 1 million inhabitants, Palembang is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Indonesia. Located in South Sumatra, Palembang is home to many high-education institutions, including universities and colleges of economics, education, health, science, and technology.

There are currently ten licensed universities in Palembang, Indonesia. These universities consist of many faculties and campuses offering quality higher education to Indonesian and international students. 

Each year, not less than 50,000 students enrol for one undergraduate or postgraduate degree course of study or another in Palembang. The city is reputed for very high educational standards. Universities in Palembang, Indonesia, are ranked amongst the best in the continent of Asia and indeed the rest of the world. 

Why Study in Palembang?

Palembang offers foreign and local students a chance to gain a qualitative higher-education undergraduate or postgraduate degree acceptable anywhere in the world. Students can rapidly progress in their chosen careers when they possess a degree from any university in Palembang. 

Universities in Palembang, Indonesia, offer various fields of study, including Information Technology, Management, Business Administration, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Accountancy, Law, and Civil Engineering.

The Kader Bangsa Palembang University Indonesia, Palembang, offers students a chance to gain an internationally recognised qualification in Nursing. At Iba University Indonesia, Palembang, you can enrol for top-class Agriculture-related degree programs. You can apply to Bina Darma University Indonesia, Palembang for a world-class degree in Psychology. 

Eligibility Criteria

Admission into a course of study at any University in Palembang would first require an official application (with the higher-education institution) from the applicant. 

Applications should be made no later than three months before the commencement of a new academic calendar. International students have to apply for and obtain a valid student visa (KITSA) before being admitted into Indonesia for a study program. 

Depending on the degree course that students want to enrol for (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate), they would be expected to provide a medical certificate, academic transcripts, a school-leaving certificate/diploma, and BSc or MA/MSc certificate.

Other requirements include CV/Resume, copy of passport, bank statement, motivation letter, recommendation letter from the Indonesian Embassy in the applicant’s home country, recommendation letter from the enrolling institution, and other documentation. 

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