Universities in Palu, Indonesia

Palu is the capital of the province of Central Sulawesi and the home to the Indonesian Navy’s submarines, national parks, and around three universities. Pursue your degrees from Universities in Palu, get good-quality education at a low cost, study in a stimulating environment, and enhance your skills. 

Why Enrol at Universities in Palu?

Palu universities follow global academic standards and offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral-level degrees in various disciplines. 

Students at Universities in Palu can obtain doctoral degrees in agricultural sciences, economics, social sciences, science education, etc. Some undergraduate programs include physics, mechanical engineering, fisheries, pharmacy, information systems, English language, nursing, and public administration.

Tadulako University is one of the best public institutions ranked 3939th by the Nature Index – Top Academic Institutions in 2021. It aims to organise high-quality research to develop environmental science and technology. The institution comprises more than 24,000 students, 1000 academic staff, and eleven faculties of law, agriculture, engineering, forestry, economics and business, public health, medicine, social and political sciences, and others. 

Alkhairaat University or UNISA is a private university that pays attention to the development of human resources and Indonesian society in general, and Central Sulawesi in particular. It fosters seven faculties of Islamic religion, fisheries, economics, letters, agriculture, medicine, and teacher training, teaching fourteen study programs. The institution also offers KIP scholarships to deserving candidates. 

Eligibility Criteria

Those who want to study economics and literature from Palu should provide mandatory documents. These include an application form with a registration fee of Rp. 350.000, three copies of transcripts and diplomas, an entrance test, passport-sized photographs, and two National Identity Card and Family Card copies. 

The application is processed within 2-3 weeks. After acceptance from the university, the students should apply for a valid student visa for six months. The student visa should be renewed every year. The application fee for an Indonesian visa is around $135.

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