Universities in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Rich in Islamic history, arts and culture, Pekanbaru is Indonesia’s one of the cleanest cities and home to breathtaking natural sceneries. It is a rapidly developing city in education and infrastructure and hosts renowned institutions. Universities in Pekanbaru are committed to providing students with a memorable studying experience. 

Get Top-Quality Education at Universities in Pekanbaru

Universities in Pekanbaru offer degrees in accountancy, architecture, marine science, statistics, environmental science, management, counselling guidance, forestry, chemistry, and other academic programs. 

The University of Riau is one of the world-class public research universities offering undergraduate, postgraduate, specialist, professional, and diploma programs. It comprises eleven faculties of agriculture, engineering, medicine, law, economy and business, education and teacher training, social and political sciences, and others. The university pays utmost attention to research activities and contributes to the nation’s social, economic, and intellectual development.

The institution cultivates graduates with global insight and integrity and follows the tri dharma of higher education- education & teaching, research, and community service. The Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities featured it at 3329th place in 2021. 

The Muhammadiyah University of Riau is a prominent institution ranked 9060th by the Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities, 2021. It offers twenty-five study programs at eight faculties and excellent academic and non-academic facilities, including laboratories, canteens, a mosque, WiFi, and others. The institution also houses an integrated information system that ensures a real-time and fast information management process. 

Eligibility Criteria

To study a postgraduate program at the University of Riau, applicants should present all the required documents including an application form, two recommendation letters, a valid passport, curriculum vitae, bank statements, research proposal draft, Indonesian proficiency test certificate, study permit, TOEFL or IELTS scores, residence permit, entrance selection test, diplomas, interview, official transcripts, a health certificate, and a letter of guarantee. 

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