Universities in Pereira, Colombia

Students interested in earning a degree abroad must check out the Universities in Pereira. Famous for its Arabica beans, Pereira is located at Andes’s foothills and is an excellent education and vacation destination. It is a lovely university city with numerous attractions such as Bolivar Statue, Pereira Art Museum, the Viaduct, nature parks, amazing bistros, the 19th-century Cathedral, thermal springs, and more. Discover exciting things while studying at Pereira’s universities and gain life experience. 

Why Look for Universities in Pereira for Higher studies?

Universities in Pereira offer top-quality education and are equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure. Students can enrol in bachelor’s, masters and PhD degrees at the universities. 

Most opted master’s degree programs include education, environmental studies, food and nutrition, medicine, technology, mathematics, arts, computer science, and history. While a PhD degree is provided in education, humanities, biomedicine, and environmental studies programs. 

The Technological University of Pereira is one of the leading universities in Colombia with a plethora of research groups and high academic standards. Ranked 583 by the 2021 Scimago Institutions Rankings, the university has a vast campus with a botanical garden, an extensive library, a planetarium, and more. It also got the 201st spot by the 2020 QS University Rankings: Latin America. 

The Catholic University of Pereira is a higher education institution with a developed infrastructure and several student support facilities. It is at 2nd and 420th positions in Pereira and Latin America, respectively. Currently at 163rd spot in Colombia, the University Foundation Comfamiliar Risaralda is another good institution. 

Eligibility Criteria

To take admission at the Technological University of Pereira, you must provide all the required documents. Some of them are the online application form, email ID, passport, academic records, photographs, fee payment proof, letters of recommendation, financial documents, student visa, health and life insurance, HIV-test certificate, and self-motivation letter.

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