Universities in Poltava, Ukraine

Choosing a reputed university for high studies bears extreme importance, especially when it’s about building a successful future career. Understanding the importance of higher education for today’s generation, universities in Poltava bring an array of globally-recognized specialised courses. Every year more than 5000 students across the globe apply to study in Poltava. Besides, they have complete freedom to choose any study program of their interest and study in Poltava.

Why Study in Poltava, Ukraine?

Poltava, the beautiful central city in Ukraine, has five universities recognised by the European Council, WHO, and UNESCO. The city ranks number 10 among other cities in Ukraine, offering 138 education programs in Management, Computer Science, Administration, Technology, Ecology, Philology, and Business.

With iconic monument-like architecture, the Poltava National Technical University Yuri Kondratyuk is the oldest yet the best university in Poltava. This university’s extensive education base is perfect for future Engineers and IT professionals, and it also offers International Exchange Programs in Engineering and Science.

Students who want to study Medical Science in Poltava should apply for the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. Following the cultural value of Ukraine, this university considers the students’ requirements as their top priorities. Another top-ranking university in Poltava is the Poltava State Agrarian Academy, with a wide range of departments and strongly developed education infrastructure. The advanced training programs from this university are easily accessible to local and international students.

Overall, the diversity and affordability of education facilities in Poltava make it an ideal study destination for many. Here freshly graduates can take an orientation program to discover the best job opportunities in reputed companies.


Fill up the online application form and submit all required documents.

Non-European students should produce IELTS or TOEFL Certification to apply for courses taught in English. Some universities also consider GMAT or GRE marks to select students for a Master’s or PhD degree.

Once the university provides the letter of acceptance, international students must raise temporary visa permits based on the duration of the study program. Then they can come and study in Poltava.

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