Universities in Posadas, Argentina

There are currently three major universities in Posadas, Argentina. These tertiary institutions are the National University of Misiones, Gastón Dachary University, and Gastón Dachary University Institute.

Gastón Dachary University was ranked 71st in Argentina and 634th globally by the World University Ranking 2020 – Latin America. Scimago Institutions Rankings – Universities ranked the National University of Misiones 22nd in Argentina and 603rd globally on the 18th of March 2021.

Why Study in Posadas? 

Students wishing to study at Gastón Dachary University are offered intermediate titles. Students can also secure a second Bachelor’s degree by simply completing a limited amount of common subjects that were available during their 1st degree.  

Flexible lecture hours and learning are possible in Universities in Posadas, Argentina. For example, at Gastón Dachary University, students can schedule their studies to match their work or living situation. 

Higher institutions in Posadas offer many innovative subjects. For example, Gastón Dachary University offers topics like “Analysis of Contemporary Reality”,  “Training and Professional Perspective Workshop”, and “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop”. 

As a degree student in Posadas, you can apply for a scholarship to help you cope with the tuition fees and living expenses. Each institution has guidelines for scholarship eligibility available on their respective websites.

Eligibility Criteria 

International students can apply for enrollment directly with their preferred university in Posadas, Argentina. The guidelines for admission to a higher education institution in Argentina is contained under their Higher Education Law No. 24,521. 

Article 35 of this law states the following:  “to enter as a student to university institutions, whether state or private, you must meet at least the conditions provided for in art. 7th that is, having passed the intermediate level of education, and meeting the other requirements of the admission system established by each institution”.

As an international student wishing to gain admission for an undergraduate course at any university in Posadas, you must prove your secondary school certificate or diploma. 

This certificate has to be legalised in the student’s home country and validated by the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Republic. Students also need to submit their academic transcripts.

The university of your choice mainly determines requirements for admission into a postgraduate study program. You can get information on the Postgraduate area of the university website.

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