Universities in Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam, a city in Germany, is famous for its historical places and film production. This people-friendly town offers you access to more than 30 institutes, making it the economic centre. Potsdam has eight universities that provide over 95 English programs and an extensive range of courses. 

The pleasant atmosphere, vibrant nightlife, and fascinating tourist attractions make Potsdam ideal for students planning to pursue higher secondary education or their graduate programs in Germany. 

Top Universities in Potsdam

Being a research centre, Potsdam is home to the top research-based universities for undergraduates. The city has many reputable colleges that offer engineering, medical, psychology, geology, and other programs for undergraduates. Among all the top universities in the town, Clarkson University ranks the highest. 

The college’s main campus is in Postdam, while additional research centres are located in New York. The University of Postdam is another great choice for a top college in Germany. It ranks 251 in World University Rankings. Other popular options to consider are SUNY Postdam, Crane School of Music, Hasso Plattner Institute, Berlin Institute of Technology, and Postdam University of Applied Sciences.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission is open for national and international students online. You can fill out the application form on the university’s official website and submit it online, along with passport-sized photographs, your identity proof, and previous year’s results. For international students, you need to submit a copy of your visa, passport, letter of recommendation, transcripts, and other documents required by the institute. 

Entrance tests are required for international students to test their English and German knowledge. In addition, you need to submit your GMAT and GRE scores if you are enrolling in graduate programs that require these tests. For more information about the eligibility and admission criteria, visit the college’s official website. 

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