Universities in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Rajshahi, the famous metropolitan city and the educational hub of Bangladesh, is known for its silk industries. The bustling town offers locals and international students an excellent opportunity to complete their bachelor’s and master’s courses at an affordable price. Mild winters and warm tropical summers make Bangladesh ideal for students pursuing their higher education in a peaceful town. The tuition fee in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, is quite reasonable, and the city offers the best quality of education. The town is perfect for students studying medical science. 

Best Universities in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

The University of Rajshahi is the best for medical students. Established in 1953, the university is the most prestigious educational institute for students interested in MBBS. The university was ranked fourth in the Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities in January 2021. Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology is the second-best choice for students pursuing engineering degrees. It ranks 13th in Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities and 21st in Scimago Institutions Rankings – Universities. Students can also consider Varendra University and Khwaja Yunus Ali University. 

Eligibility Requirements

For admission to any of the above-listed universities in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, the student must show their 10+2 results and take entrance tests for general reasoning and language. Since most colleges are for medical students, you must pass NEET with good scores to become eligible for admission. You must also meet the minimum GPA requirements set forth by the institute.

Candidates can apply for admission to their desired university by filling out an online application form. Attach your passport-sized photographs, visa approval, financial statement, previous year’s grades, transcripts, and recommendation letters issued by the dean of your last school. You might need to take entrance tests for specific courses, but most institutes require language proficiency tests and general reasoning. 

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