Universities in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Ras Al-Khaimah, the capital city of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, is an ideal education destination for higher studies. Ranking 3rd in the UAE, Ras Al-Khaimah has the sixth-largest student population, studying in various universities and graduate schools. The education system here is stable and progressive to support the booming economy of the UAE. Students can explore excellent career opportunities after finishing their graduate degrees in the business sector of the UAE.

Why Study in Ras Al-Khaimah?

Ras Al-Khaimah has four main universities that offer 35 bachelor’s programs and eight master’s and PhD programs in Business, Administration, Computer Science, Management, Finance, and Marketing. Due to the pandemic, students can also apply for online study programs and learn remotely. 

Both primary and secondary education Ras al-Khaimah is free for the locals. Most government institutes prefer segregating boys and girls in different sections. However, many private or public colleges offer co-education programs. 

American University of Ras Al-Khaimah (AURAK) is the best state-owned independent public university, supporting co-educational infrastructure to give equal opportunities to boys and girls. 

Another great university is The Northwood University, International Program Center (IPC). It is licensed by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah that offers only Bachelor’s programs in Engineering and Science. If students are interested in studying Health & Science, they should apply to RAK Medical & Health Sciences University. This university offers specialised courses in Medicine, Biology, and Doctorate and accepts international applications.

The main medium of education in Ras Al-Khaimah is Arabic. However, most universities emphasize programs explicitly taught in English. So, international students can easily blend in with the rich culture of the UAE and study. 

Eligibility Criteria

Visit the official website of the university to apply online. Locals and international candidates applying for a Master’s should have a GPA above 3.0 alongside a valid Diploma/Bachelor’s degree.

Once the applicant receives the letter of acceptance from the university, he/she should apply for a student visa. The minimal student visa approval duration is for one year. Based on the study curriculum, students can extend their visa validity.

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