Universities in Rennes, France

Do you wish to pursue your higher education in Rennes, France? Located in the heart of Brittany, Rennes, the tenth-largest city of France, has one of the largest student populations across the world. It is internationally renowned for higher education, with more than 70k students and 4.5k researchers enrolling every year. 

Why Study in Rennes?

World-class universities in Rennes are founded to provide the best quality education facilities. 

The University of Rennes is the best university in Rennes that is ideal for researchers to do personal development through innovation and knowledge. This university is a member of EDUC, making it a perfect choice for international students. It has four main research sectors, including Mathematics, Life and Health Sciences, Material Science, and Humanities.

The second-best university is INSA Rennes, renowned internationally due to its various education degrees taught exclusively in English. Rennes School of Business is another well-known university that offers Bachelor’s degree, Master’s in Management, Master’s of Science, and Executive Education programs to level up the aspirant’s career. 

Currently welcoming over 3000 international students every year, these universities offer international students the best quality education facilities. The aspirant can apply for internships or full-time jobs in reputed MNCs.

Eligibility Criteria

You will be required to go through an English Proficiency test. Along with this, you must have a score of 6 in IELTS and a good GMAT score to get a seat. You might have to produce documentation proof of your English and French language proficiency.

As an international student, you would require a pre-approved student visa with a permit to stay in France for a limited period. 

Submit all supporting documents such as your academic records, financial support documents, residency proof, etc., online while filling up the application form. You will receive an email notification once your application gets accepted.

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