Universities in Samarinda, Indonesia

Samarinda is the capital city of Indonesia’s East Kalimantan province and is well-known for its strong Islamic influence, traditional food such as Amplang, and friendly residents. Universities in Samarinda enjoy a global presence for offering a student-centred and dynamic education system.

Why Select Universities in Samarinda as Your Study Destination?

Universities in Samarinda offers internationally recognised degrees in psychology, wet tropical agriculture, physical education, aquaculture, geophysics, etc.

Positioned at 551st spot by the Scimago Institutions Rankings 2021, Mulawarman University is a leading public institution with more than 32,000 undergraduate, 2,200 postgraduate, and 100 doctoral students. It includes four campuses, forty-six laboratories, and fifteen faculties of agriculture, economics, engineering, social and political sciences, forestry, law, pharmacy, mathematics and natural sciences, medicine, and others. 

Its mission is to produce qualified human resources through higher education with global standards and hold an independent university as per the national standard. The university offers Darmasiswa Scholarship Program to international students. An extensive library, auditorium, the mosque of Al-Fatihah, guest house, radio Metro Mulawarman, language centre, security, banks, student accommodation, sports complexes, and student activity centre are some facilities available at the institution. 

Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Samarinda is another private higher education university offering affordable education, scholarships, and fantastic student facilities. It constitutes five faculties with seven academic programs.

Eligibility Criteria

To take admission at the Universities in Samarinda, Indonesia, you should have an Indonesia Student Visa. The documents to be presented along with the visa application form are a study permit, a copy of a valid passport, a formal university admissions letter, a letter of recommendation, resume, two recent passport photographs, academic transcripts, a letter of financial guarantee, and a health certificate.

The visa has to be renewed every year and has an entrance validity of 6 months. The visa application fee is around $135.

After the student sends the application to the chosen institution, it is processed within 2-3 weeks. Some universities require students to submit certification for the UKBI proficiency test or Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia.

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