Universities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is a city in the Dominican Republic with 23 universities offering up to 412 higher-education study and degree programs. The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, founded in 1866, is one of the most revered Universities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.   

The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo operates up to 13 academic schools: the Arts, Law, Medicine, Theology, Political Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Architecture, Economics, Science, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, and Health Sciences.  

Other Universities in Santo Domingo include Ibero-American University, Santo Domingo Institute of Technology, and APEC University. APEC University was established in 1965 under the name of Instituto de Estudios Superiores (Institute of Higher Studies), which was changed to Universidad APEC or APEC University in 1983. 

By 1968 this higher-education institution would be accredited as a higher-education degree university by the Dominican Republic government.

Why Study in Santo Domingo?

Universities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, offer many in-demand degree study courses. At the APEC University, students can enrol for degree programs in, Accounting, Arts and Communication, Computer Science, Economic and Entrepreneurial Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Languages, Law, Management, Marketing, Tourism, and so on. Santo Domingo universities are also ranked amongst the top Universities in Latin America. 

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective students will need to apply online for their chosen degree course. Some universities require payment of application fees while others do not. Submitted application forms need to be supported with relevant credentials. 

Typically, students applying for undergraduate studies will be required to submit a copy of their high school diploma or certificate, a photocopy of a valid ID card or international passport, passport-size photographs, academic transcripts, medical certificate, and so on.

Prospective postgraduate students of Universities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, will need to submit the documents above in addition to a copy of their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate, a personal essay, letters of recommendation, and a police clearance certificate. A student visa is also needed for admittance into the Dominican Republic.

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