Universities in Santos, Brazil

For a developing country like Brazil, it has made impressive progress in the field of education. Its higher education system is ranked the finest in the Latin world. It attracts many international students, making it a diverse place to enhance their academic careers. Located in the Sao Paulo state of the country is the port city of Santos. The biggest port in South America, Santos, also has rich opportunities for students. It has several of the top-ranked universities in Brazil, including the Catholic University of Santos, University of Santa Cecilia, Metropolitan University of Santos, etc.

What makes Santos a Centre of Higher Education?

Santos is fast becoming an education hub of the region, and its Universities regularly rank among the best in the country. The Catholic University of Santos, for instance, is one of the largest in Sao Paulo. Its courses, including law, medicine, engineering, journalism, history, psychology, business administration, etc., constantly feature among the most sought after in the state. The student-friendly environment, rich academia-industry linkage, affordable cost of living, vibrant campus lives and employment opportunities post-study make it a preferred study destination. The UNISANTOS also has student exchange programs with prestigious institutes located in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc.  

Eligibility Criteria

The students seeking admission to the universities in Santos need to apply directly through the official channel of the university concerned. The eligibility depends on the course and the university selected by the candidate. The general documents required at the time of admission include self-attested copies of the academic transcript of the previous three years, at least two letters of recommendation from academic persons, a detailed statement of purpose, a comprehensive resume, and a passport. International students can apply for the various scholarship programs available for them. For the English taught courses, students need to provide their band in language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Further, a student visa is mandatory for international students to complete the application process. 

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