Universities in Saratov, Russia

A city in the southwest part of Russia- Saratov is home to numerous institutions that are popular among students worldwide. This city combines modern architectural wonders and ancient buildings, which is a sight to behold. More than ten universities here make this city one of the hotspots for education.

Programmes offered

Saratov is a hub of the Volga region’s educational, economic, and cultural activities. With an abundance of natural resources, this port city is considered one of the top investment and trade locations. Saratov Chernyshevsky State University stands among one of the top research institutions. There are 90 programme disciplines in this university, and more than 28,000 students are enrolled here.

The Medical State University of Saratov is one of the oldest and highly reputed institutions in Russia for MBBS. This university houses more than 500 students from across the world. It is affiliated with various hospitals, which helps the students get ample practical training. Loaded with further amenities for extracurricular activities, this university offers everything to students.

The fees of universities in Saratov are pretty affordable. Moreover, this city is reasonable in terms of lifestyle and living expenses. That is why you won’t find any issue living on a student budget here. Courses are offered in English medium and Russian medium, which is one of the reasons why students choose this university.

Eligibility Criteria

You will need multiple documents to apply to the universities here, like migration cards, study contracts, etc. Also, there are different rules applicable to citizens of other countries, which can be checked online on the official sites. Moreover, specific courses require entrance exams too. You can check the same and ensure to prepare and apply accordingly.

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