Universities in Shenyang, China

Students seeking admission to a world-class university in the orient can check out the prestigious higher-education institutions in Shenyang, China. With nearly 2156 universities, China attracts many students from around the world. Shenyang itself is home to 38 universities offering over 640 study programs to local and international students. With 389 Bachelor’s programs, 192 Master’s programs and 55 PhD programs offered by various universities, Shenyang kindles the educational aspirations of thousands of students every year. 

Why Choose to study in Shenyang?

Shenyang has been rated as one of the reputed seats of learning in China. Located in the northeast Asian economic belt, it has strategic status. Shenyang’s top-grade universities and institutions facilitate research and development, offering scholarships to hundreds of eligible students. Besides its advanced education system, China’s Shenyang boasts of its sustainable growth and employment opportunities. 

Among the top-ranking universities in Shenyang feature Northeastern University. Ranking among the top-50 national universities, it is considered an esteemed higher-education centre with a high level of acceptance. With diverse faculties such as humanities, law, foreign studies, bio-medical and information engineering, robot science and many other disciplines, aspirants have vast options to choose from. 

For students aspiring to aerospace studies, the Shenyang Aerospace University maintains a good network with other prestigious universities around the globe. It offers state-of-the-art facilities coupled with innovative pedagogy. 

Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria, such as cut-off marks, experience, etc., could vary according to the universities, courses and level of study. However, some of the basic requirements for every student applying to universities in Shenyang include:

  • Marksheets and certificates of previous degrees courses including 10+2 documents
  • Copy of transcripts of all academic records. 
  • Valid passport and Visa. 
  • Recommendation letters 
  • Bank statement
  • Photograph of applicants

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