Best Universities in Springfield, USA – Ratings & Rankings 2022

Universities in Springfield, USA, provide a rewarding experience to all students. Everyday life in Springfield is a journey to discover oneself in a culturally diverse and inclusive city.

Students are exposed to holistic educational programs that develop their social, academic, and personal skill-set. Springfield Universities offer many career opportunities with many traditional and innovative degree programs in the broader fields of Arts, Business, and Science. 

Campus life is fun, with many recreational facilities available for many interests. Universities in Springfield, USA, have an excellent reputation for awarding grants and scholarships to bright students. 

Top 5 Universities in Springfield, USA

Here are the ranking and ratings of the best universities in Springfield.

RankingUniversityStudent Satisfaction RatingOfficial Website
#1Western New England University9/10
#2Wittenberg University9/10
#3Springfield College8.6/10
#4Missouri State University8.8/10
#5American International College7/10

Why Study in Springfield, USA?

Springfield is a city that plays home to the highly regarded University of Illinois System (UIS). Any degree acquired from Universities in Springfield is a free ticket to a promising career in any field of endeavour. Degrees from Springfield Universities are prestigious and recognisable anywhere around the world.

Springfield University offers a conducive learning environment with small classes and one-on-one interactions with professors. The average student-to-professor ratio in Springfield Universities is 15 to 1. 

Universities in Springfield have powerful political nuance with degrees in Criminal Justice, Public Health, Public Administration, Political Science, and so on, opening doors of opportunity for a career in government after graduation. 

Springfield is also a leader in research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. The UIS owns world-renowned research facilities like the Emiquon Field Station, while institutes like the Center for State Policy and Leadership provide students with excellent amenities for research.

Eligibility Criteria

English Language (TOEFL, IELTS or PTE) eligibility applies to students seeking postgraduate or undergraduate studies. Students would also be required to provide proof of high school diploma/certificate or a bachelor’s degree (for graduate studies) from a recognisable University.

Other requirements for eligibility include transcripts, a personal statement, copy of passport, academic statement, CV or Resume, financial documentation, and letter of recommendation.  

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