Best Universities in St. Louis, USA – Ratings & Rankings 2022

There are about 19 higher institutions, colleges and Universities in St. Louis, USA. These Universities offer admission to prospective students in the US and abroad. 

International students can apply for admission into either undergraduate or graduate studies provided they meet the relevant, respective admissions requirements.

St. Louis is a culturally diverse city with a high acceptance of people from different religious backgrounds.  

Top 5 Universities in St. Louis, USA

Here are the ranking and ratings of the best universities in St. Louis.

RankingUniversityStudent Satisfaction RatingOfficial Website
#1Washington University in St. Louis8.6/10
#2University of Missouri-St. Louis8/10
#3Saint Louis University8.2/10
#4Maryville University9.2/10
#5Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing9/10

Why Study in St. Louis, USA?

There are more reasons why you should study in St. Louis than there are reasons why you shouldn’t. St. Louis is a hospitable city with people of different races, religions, and sexual preferences living in complete harmony. 

St. Louis offers a choice of different colleges and Universities for a myriad of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Students have access to an on-campus support system that caters for their academic, economic, social, and personal needs. 

St. Louis is home to many recreational facilities either on campuses or in the city itself. The city is also well policed to protect all residents from crime even though crime rates are comparably low in St. Louis.

On-campus facilitators are always on-hand to speedily integrate international students into campus life and help make them feel welcomed. St. Louis is also an excellent city for starting and building a career in all fields of study. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students are eligible for admission into undergraduate or graduate studies if they can provide the following documentation: proof of English Language proficiency (TOEFL, PTE, or IELTS), proof of certification (high school certificate/diploma or Bachelor’s degree), letter of recommendation, a personal statement, academic statement, transcripts, CV/Resume, copy of passport, and proof of financial capability (tuition and living expense).    

Note that providing these documents is no guarantee for admission onto a degree program in Universities. Ultimately, each University in St. Louis decides on which students to grant entry or not. 

Nevertheless, students will more often than not be granted admission once they can satisfactorily meet all the requirements for entry into a University in St. Louis, USA.   

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