Universities in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, situated in the north-western part of Russia, is famous for its rich culture, architecture, galleries, museums, and theatres. The city also hosts some of the most prestigious universities in Russia, making it a famous study abroad destination for international students. Apart from studying, students can experience numerous recreational activities, vibrant nightlife, and an excellent public transport network to different regions of Russia and Europe.

Why Study at Universities in St. Petersburg, Russia?

St. Petersburg has some of the most renowned universities globally, along with a wide range of specialised schools and colleges that international students can choose from. The universities are backed with incredible educational heritage and have produced some of the world’s most well-known inventors, scientists, artists, musicians, and authors.

There are more than 100 universities in St. Petersburg. Some of the top universities in the city are the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, National Research ITMO University, and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. In June and July, the city holds the famous “White Nights” for its tourists, during which universities organise international summer schools for students. The universities are also known for holding short university programmes, which provide an excellent opportunity for international students to participate and learn about the university and the country they consider studying in the future.

Eligibility Criteria

To get accepted into one of the universities in St. Petersburg, students must have completed secondary education and meet the entry requirements for the course of their choice. The requirement usually varies between universities, so you must check the criteria thoroughly before applying. Once you get admission into a university and get a letter of acceptance, you can apply for a student visa. All international students except those from the Commonwealth of Independent States require a student visa to get admission.

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