Universities in Sumy, Ukraine

Ukraine is a preferred destination for students across the world. It is home to over 800 higher educational institutes, and every year thousands of students choose Ukraine to pursue their higher education. Located in the northeastern part of the country is the city of Sumy, which houses several top-ranked universities in the country. The most prominent among them include Sumy State University, Sumy National Agrarian University, Sumy State Pedagogical University etc. Sumy State University holds a high position among universities for its prize-winning research work. 

What makes Sumy a Center of Higher Education?

Sumy is an emerging education centre of the country. It has five universities that offer 241 study programs and is renowned worldwide for its specialization courses in STEM. Its high-quality research, world-class facilities, innovative pedagogy techniques and vibrant campus life make it a favourite among international students; the education in Sumy is relatively affordable than its western European counterparts. More than 75000 international students are currently enrolled in Ukrainian universities. Students can work part-time alongside their studies to find a source of income. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students seeking admission in Sumy need to apply directly through the official website of the selected university. The admission process is pretty simple and can be registered with a passport. Students can also apply for funding and scholarship programs offered by the national government. The general documents required at the time of admission include self-attested copies of the previous three-year academic transcripts, a detailed statement of purpose, a comprehensive resume, and a letter of recommendation from two different academic persons. The students need to prove their financial eligibility to sustain themselves during their stay. Medical insurance has also been made mandatory for students seeking admission. Further, a student visa valid throughout the duration of the course is also necessary for the admission process to be completed. 

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