Universities in Sweden

Sweden, one of the most innovative countries globally, is the place to go if you are looking for a refreshing approach to education. The education model of Sweden is by far the best in the world. In pursuit of this, students worldwide flock to this Nordic country to follow their academic calling. Swedish universities have constantly stood among the top rankings of the world. The most prominent among them include Lund University, Uppsala University, Stockholm Univerity, etc. 

What makes Sweeden a Centre of Higher Education?

The birthplace of the Nobel Prize, Sweden has emerged as a top study destination of the world. Its innovative and student-centric pedagogy techniques make it a preferable choice for students in the country and abroad. It is the most sustainable country with the highest share of renewable energy in the EU.

That is why it is an ideal place to learn about environmental conservation and sustainable development. The students can choose from various courses, including mathematics, engineering, medicine, humanities, ecology, philosophy, conservation, etc. Uppsala University, founded in 1477, is one of the oldest in the Nordic countries. As of 2019, students from more than 50 countries are enrolled here.  

Eligibility Criteria

The students looking for admission to the universities in Sweden need to apply through the centralised national portal, i.e. universitiesadmission.se. University education is free for Swedish and European citizens. However, a fee has been introduced for no-EU students. The students need to take an English Language Proficiency Test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., if the students are not native speakers.

The university conducts regular entrance examinations to screen the applications, followed by interviews or calling a portfolio of work. The documents required at admission include academic transcripts of previous years, statement of purpose, resume, letter of recommendation, and passport. International students can apply for several scholarships and student exchange programmes offered by the universities. 

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