Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to a plethora of top-ranking universities in the world. Most universities in this plush European country are globally recognised and welcome students from different corners of the world. As an advanced country, Switzerland ranks high in business, engineering, culinary arts and tourism. With some of the best universities, the government offers a plethora of world-class PhD programs. With high-employment rates and attractive compensation packages, Switzerland has emerged as one of the international hubs for higher education. 

Why Choose to Study in Switzerland?

There is more to Switzerland than its picturesque landscape and chocolates, a popular tourist spot. 

Among the globally prestigious universities offering academic programs is the ETH, Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Extending an ideal environment for intellectual development and academic excellence, the university attracts thousands of international and domestic students. The university offers engineering, technology, natural sciences, mathematics, computer science and IT, medicine, health and social science, art, design, architecture, applied science and professions, hospitality, leisure and sports, among other courses. 

The University of Zurich has a considerable student footfall, ranks 75th globally, and is Switzerland’s largest university. It was established in 1833 and offered over seven faculties and more than a hundred subjects. From Bachelor’s and Master’s to PhD programs, you can pursue your higher education at any prestigious university in Switzerland. 

Eligibility Criteria 

For admission into a Bachelor’s program, aspirants must submit a higher secondary school leaving certificate. Medicine, human movement and sports science may have some particular criteria. Master’s programs need aspirants to offer a Bachelor’s degree certificate. Along with the mark sheets and certificates of previous exams, students have to submit their scorecards proving English proficiency in an internationally accepted examination. 

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