Universities in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is also its economic, cultural and educational hub. Officially known as Taipei city, it’s a special municipality situated in northern Taiwan. Categorised as an ‘Alpha’ city by the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network, it has seemingly transformed into a modern metropolis in the past couple of decades.

In terms of infrastructure, Taipei is second to none in the whole of East Asia, consisting of several world-renowned cultural and architectural landmarks supported by an efficient and modern transportation system that seamlessly connects Taipei with the whole of the island. Taipei is home to 24 modern universities in terms of education, which is part of its government-backed Taiwan International Graduate Program.

Taiwan National University (NTU)

Established in 1928, when Taiwan was still under Japanese colonial rule, it is considered Taiwan’s flagship university. Ranked #68 by the QS World University Rankings and #113 by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it stands out as one of the most highly coveted universities for national and international students.

 A student body of upwards of 32,000 is supported by a highly trained and experienced faculty of 2,000 teachers. Each year NTU welcomes more than 5,000 international students from different parts of the world. The various student clubs, orientation programs, art festivals, and the World Carnival lends a vibrant campus life.

NTU offers 280-degree programs in subjects like Arts, Humanities, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Medical and Law, to name a few. One factor that distinguishes NTU from other universities is the facilities it provides to its students. NTU is home to the biggest Library in Taiwan, coupled with numerous self-study rooms and research centres. It has a state of the art indoor and outdoor sports facility, a health centre, wide-open areas and an experimental forest. The special  Student Counselling Centre is also present to assist with the mental well being of the students.

Eligibility Criteria And Documentation for International Students

Applicants should produce their respective high school diploma, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. In the case of a Chinese taught program, the applicants must produce a TOCFL  certificate, whereas in the case of an English taught program, a subsequent IELTS certificate is required. Other requisite documents are as follows: Online Application form, Photographs, Declaration of financial support, Visa and Passport.

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