Universities in Tangerang, Indonesia

While Indonesia ranks 4th in the World Education System, the city of Tangerang has much to contribute. Tangerang is the home of Indonesia’s oldest yet most prestigious universities, colleges, and graduate schools. As all universities in Tangerang accept international applicants, these universities host more than 5,000 international students every year.

Why Study in Tangerang, Indonesia?

The education system of Tangerang is represented by six government-administered public universities, providing world-class degree courses across various departments. The main subjects are Arts & Literature, Health & Medical Science, and Engineering.

Pelita Harapan University ranks number 1 with a student satisfaction index of 4.3. It also holds 601st place in the QS World University rankings. Here, students have the best chances to work on research projects for a PhD or Doctorate.

Swiss German University has some of the best Literature and language courses, providing certification programs taught in English. 

Multimedia Nusantara University and Syekh-Yusuf Islamic University have the best infrastructure for conducting industrial-level vocational and practical training programs in Science & Technology.

International students are advised to seek exchange programs in any of the universities of Tangerang. Although education here is not free, deserving students are subjected to receiving fully-paid scholarships through Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship, Joint Graduate Scholarship, and Telkom University Scholarship Program.

The universities in Tangerang hosts orientation programs for final year graduate students seeking internship opportunities in reputed MNCs.

Eligibility Criteria

The admission process in the universities of Tangerang begins by the end of October.

Applicants are requested to submit an online application for the interested study program.

The required documents include academic mark sheets, nationality proof, passport details, health certificate, tuition fee waiver proof, photographs, etc.

Non-native English Speaking applicants are requested to submit a valid TOEFL exam scorecard. Students applying for Indonesian-taught courses are required to have good UKBI Test marks.

Students applying for courses of duration more than two months require a long-term “Residency Permit” to stay in Tangerang.

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