Universities in Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taiwan, a world leader in the tech industry, is one of the thriving Asian Tigers of the world. Influenced by Confucian values, Taiwan has, over the years, invested heavily in the education sector. It is a result of continuous reforms that the Taiwanese education system is one of the most sought after in the world. As of 2020, it has over 150,000 thousand international students enrolled in various universities. 

With the largest airport, Taoyuan is the country’s gateway to the outside world. It is the fourth largest city with a host of institutions of higher learning. The most prominent among them are National Central University, Chang Gung University, Chien Hsin University of Science And Technology, etc.

What makes Taoyuan a Centre of Higher Studies?

Taoyuan is a satellite city of the capital Taipei, and it acts as a major metropolitan area with enormous prospects for students. There are a plethora of public, private and military universities, and students can choose from a large number of courses on the offer here. The most popular among them are Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and the humanities subjects. 

Taoyuan provides world-class education, high research standards, innovative pedagogy skills, best student-teacher ratio, employment opportunities and vibrant campus life. Site for many industrial and tech parks, Taoyuan serves as a prominent hub for technical graduates to get suitable work options. 

Eligibility Criteria

Following the international standards, the higher education system in Taoyuan consists of a three or four years bachelor’s degree and two years master’s degrees. Students can apply directly through the official website or send their duly filled application along with the requisite application charges to the university. The basic eligibility criteria for a bachelor’s program is a secondary school certificate. 

Admission to technical courses can be very competitive—the universities, for which, conduct entrance examinations to select the candidates. International students, further, need to prove their proficiency in the language and apply for a student visa well in advance to secure admission.  

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