Universities in Temuco, Chile

Located in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, the capital city of Araucanía, Temuco thrives on its economic stability and well-structured education system. The hospitable living ambience of Temuco makes it an ideal choice for students for higher studies. According to the number of universities available in Chile, Temuco is in 5th place, offering more than 58 study programs in various areas. 

Why Study in Temuco?

Located in the heart of Chile, Temuco is easily accessible from various cities such as Santiago, Providencia, Valparaiso, and Concepcion. With affordable tuition fees and career-centric education courses, students can use their maximum potential and engage themselves inside activities, such as learning Spanish or participating in cultural activities. 

The most popular university in Temuco is the Temuco Catholic University, featuring at 161st rank in the QS Latin America University Rankings. More than 9,000 international students have enrolled in this university, participating in bachelor’s and master’s degree courses. Due to its career-centric learning approach, students can also work park-time or take internships.

Another top-ranked university in Temuco is the “Universidad de la Frontera”. It is popularly known for its education, sociology, and anthropology programs, where students can engage themselves in indigenous studies. Every year more than 5,000 international students apply to this university to study Medicine, Engineering, Business, Administration, Education, Humanities, and Agricultural Sciences.

Eligibility Criteria

The Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Courses in the Universities of Temuco are more than 1 year’s duration. Hence, the applicants should raise a student visa application for available courses that they are interested in.

Other than applying for a student visa, the applicant can take TOEFL or IELTS exam as most of the courses in the Universities of Temuco are taught in English.

There is no college-wide common entry test taken. Although some of the universities might take a Selection Test called the Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU) test as a part of the selection process. 

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