Universities in Ternopil, Ukraine

Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe, is a major study abroad destination. Every year, students from different corners of the world go for Ukrainian education to experience the unique Kyiv-Rus culture and build their academic careers. Located in the western part of the country is the city of Ternopil. It is home to some of the top-ranked universities of the country. It has rightly earned a special name for its affordable medical courses and research facilities. Some of the most prominent institutes of higher education in Ternopil include West Ukrainian National University, Ternopil State Medical University, Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, etc.

What makes a Ternopil a Center of Higher Education?

Ternopil has emerged as an education hub of the country. Its world-class centres of learning, best in field faculty, innovative pedagogy techniques, research-oriented curriculum, work opportunities and a relatively affordable cost of living make it a preferred student destination. The West Ukrainian National University, the largest in Ternopil, has more than 30,000 students. Students get to select from the choicest range of subjects offered here. The Ternopil State Medical University is the highest-ranked university in medicine. Its MBBS degree is quite popular among international students, attracting thousands, particularly from Asia and Africa. 

Eligibility Criteria

After finalising the course and university of their choice, students need to apply directly through the official channels of the university. The applications are accepted both through offline and online modes. The document package required at the time of admission includes academic transcripts of the previous three years certified by the concerned university, character certificate of the candidate, letter of recommendation from two different academic persons, a detailed statement of purpose, comprehensive resume, two IDs and passport.

International students applying for the English language courses need to take IELTS, TOEFL, etc., exams to prove their proficiency in the language. After getting approval from the university, the students need to apply for a student visa valid throughout the course period. It may take months to process, and it must be applied well in advance. 

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