Universities in Vietnam

Vietnam, also known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is located in mainland Southeast Asia. During the olden days, Vietnam had been part of several monarchical dynasties, namely China and France, but in 1976 Vietnam unified as a unitary socialist state under the Communist Party of Vietnam. 

At present, Vietnam is among the fastest-growing economies. This economic growth has seen Vietnam become home to some of the best universities of Southeast Asia and an apt destination for international students. 

Apart from providing quality education, the Vietnamese universities are also considered some of the most affordable universities in Asia, making them an ideal study destination for international students on a budget. In addition to the cheap living costs, the country has an incredible culture filled with friendly locals.

Top Universities in Vietnam

The Vietnam National University in Hanoi is quite popular in Vietnam. VNU Hanoi comprises 12 sub-sections and two specialist schools offering several health sciences, humanities, social sciences, science and technology programs. It was one of the first institutions in Vietnam to provide English courses in English.

The Hanoi University of Science and Technology- HUST is the oldest technological university. It is a top-ranking technical training university of the country, having produced some of its top government officials, engineers, and scientists. HUST offers 25 Engineer programs, 47 Masters programs and 32 Doctoral programs, covering almost all fields of technology, sciences, and economics. 

HUST is spread in 26 hectares and houses several amphitheatres, conference rooms, teaching halls, laboratories and a sports complex of international standards.

Eligibility Criteria

Most Vietnamese universities have a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations, and the admission rate range is 40-50%, making them slightly selective. Students can obtain a student visa quickly if they are registered to a Vietnamese university. They are also allowed to enter Vietnam through a tourist visa, get admission in any course in a Vietnamese university and then apply for a student visa. 

Students must submit the TOEFL or IELTS scores as a test of their English proficiency. The acceptable score for IELTS is a minimum of 5.5 and 71 for TOEFL iBT. Students must also take the Vietnamese language proficiency test to be eligible.

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