Universities in Voronezh, Russia

Have you made up your mind to pursue higher education in Russia? Voronezh, the culture-rich city in Southern Russia, is a great study destination to choose from, representing Russia’s strong higher education culture. The world-renowned universities and graduate schools in Voronezh offer internationally recognised degree programs across various areas. As most of these universities accept global applications, it gets pretty competitive to get a chance to study in Voronezh.

Why study in Voronezh, Russia?

Voronezh has nine top-ranking universities, run by the most experienced teachers and professors, offering a great diversity of specialised study programs. The primary study areas include Arts & Humanities, Language & Culture, Medicine & Health, Engineering, and Science & Technology. While most citizens of Russia apply here for language studies, international students apply for Master’s and PhD courses in Engineering, Science, and Business Administration.

Voronezh State University is the top-ranked university that provides courses in Russian or English. The other top-ranked universities include Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering (Study area: Engineering and Technology), Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Study area: Engineering and Technology), and the Russian State University of Justice ((Study area: Law & Judiciary).

The universities in Voronezh offer equal facilities to netizens and international students. Students can apply to more than 250 higher education institutions to gain specialisations in various fields.


Choose the study program & university in Voronezh. Learn about the course’s fee structure and scholarship facilities. Based on that, prepare and submit your document package through the online application form.

Most universities in Voronezh do not take additional admission tests and conduct the selection process based on the student’s previous academic merits. However, international students should take the IELTS or TOEFL exam as proof of English Language Proficiency. Students applying for a Master’s or PhD degree can produce their GMAT or GRE score while applying.

Students receive a letter of acceptance once they get selected. After selection, international students staying for more than 90 days need to apply for a Student Visa. Otherwise, they can apply for a short-term Humanitarian Visa. Students are free to come and study in Voronezh afterwards.

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