Best Universities in Washington, USA – Ratings & Rankings 2022

Home to top-ranking universities and colleges, Washington is one of the most prestigious cities to study in the US. With its outstanding educational system, universities in Washinton is known to provide the most qualitative learning methods to students. A host of students from the US, as well as other countries, apply to popular universities for pursuing their higher education. Other than cutting-edge facilities, innovative pedagogy, qualified faculty and wide scope for research, universities in Washington have an assuring rate of employability. International students can apply for a range of full-time as well as distance learning and online courses. 

Top 5 Universities in Washington, USA

Here are the ranking and ratings of the best universities in Washington.

RankingUniversityStudent Satisfaction RatingOfficial Website
#1Georgetown University8.6/10
#2George Washington University8.6/10
#3Howard University8.4/10
#4American University8.6/10
#5The Catholic University of America8.6/10

Why study in Washington?

Other than its rich history, culture and limitless attractions around the city, Washington has been known as a city of professionals. With thousands of internship and job opportunities as well as an extensive scope for research, the city makes a good choice to realize your career dreams.

Some of the top-rated universities in Washington include Washington State University and Western Washington University. The former is a top-tier public research university and a centre of research for health, food, energy, sustainability, global security and social opportunity. With nationally recognized faculty and an array of courses on the offing, the university continues generating scholars every year.

Western Washington University offers more than 175 majors and their catalogue is brimming with innovative educational opportunities where students can choose from different fields to complete their master’s or bachelor’s degrees. Be it art, history, communication studies, cybersecurity, business studies, accounting, economics, marketing, public health or gender and sexuality studies, there’s much to explore in your educational journey at Western Washington University.

Eligibility Criteria

Best of the universities in Washington need you to get the 75th percentile along with a 1570 SAT score of a 35 ACT. Moreover, you need to have a 4.15 GPA or higher. For students with a GPA score less than that will have to score a higher score in SAT/ACT. 

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