Universities in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, the home of the famous Victoria Falls, is also known to the world for its quality education and high standards in research and development. The landlocked country in southeast Africa has made considerable investments in the field of education. It has one of the highest literacy rates, student enrolment and tertiary education in Africa.

There are seven public universities and four church-affiliated universities that have received international accreditation. The most prominent among these are the University of Zimbabwe, the National University of Science and Technology, Africa University, etc.

What makes Zimbabwe a Centre of Higher Studies?

Zimbabwe attracts a large number of students from different quarters of the world. It provides world-class education, innovative teaching methods, public-funded institutes, job opportunities, rich student diversity and a cosmopolitan environment. Low tuition fees and the affordable cost of living in cities like Harare, Bulawayo, etc., make it a favourable place for students. Students have vast opportunities to work part-time alongside their studies. 

 Many courses are offered in the English language, making it a preferred place for international students. The University of Zimbabwe, the oldest university in the country, offers over two hundred study programs, including English-taught courses. To attract international students, they are offered straight fifty per cent scholarships and more. 

Eligibility Criteria

The admission process in Zimbabwean universities varies from institute to institute. To begin the process, one has to apply directly to the university of their choice after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. The general documents required at admission include the academic transcripts, graduation certificate, passport, and IDs. 

International students need to provide a copy of their bank statements to prove their financial viability. They need to apply for a student visa well in advance to get the necessary clearance well in time. Further, the Zimbabwean authorities ask for medical certificates and health insurance before entering the country. 

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